Embracing Everyday Kindness: A Conversation with Jill Lublin on the Impact and Future of Random Acts of Kindness Week

Here at the Seattle Independent, we had the opportunity to talk with Jill Lublin about Kindness Week and the role it can play in our daily lives.

What do you know about the Kindness Holiday?

Random Acts of Kindness Week is all about practicing intentional acts of kindness, and I believe it’s important to do a conscious act of kindness every single day.

What does it mean to you and others that you know of?

It puts the kindness conversation into the daily conversation and brings it front and center.

You do this by talking about return on kindness principles. Tell us about some of them.

I know that everyone is interested in ROI, or return on investment, for their business and measurable profit margins, and that is important.

Profit of Kindness is built by 7 Return on Kindness Principles, or ROK.

My top 3 favorites of the 7 include:

  • Generosity – In your business, there are a multitude of opportunities to be generous toward customers, prospects, staff, and – don’t forget – yourself! So give more and expect less.
  • Flexibility – These are wild times in business, and requires more flexibility than ever with regard to appointments and clients. Be sure to remain open and flexible. Give your clients and customers grace, and that goes for the people you work with you, too. In fact, to be flexible is to be adaptable.
  • Patience – Patience is what keeps a sturdy bridge between people; impatience sends connectivity and the bonds we most desire in life toppling down. Patience is the main ingredient of the potion, with the essentials of optimism, humility, and forgiveness to get it bubbling.

Jill recounts the time she was working on the chapter for Patience for the Profit of Kindness. She called the local utility company and was put on hold for over an hour. The agent came on and said thank you for your patience. Jill recalled laughing to herself, thinking, “Who said I was patient?”

What would you like to see in terms of people celebrating the holiday?

I would love to see communities gather in virtual circles and ask each other: “What do you need for kindness in your life and business?” and offer support if you (or someone you know) have what they need!

If Easter has a bunny and Christmas has Santa, what kind of branding or industry is Kindness?

Kindness is every day and needed consistently. The branding is consistent and without a figurehead.

What’s the future of this holiday? 

It is an ongoing important holiday. This is something that needs to be adhered to every day. Practicing conscious acts of kindness every day makes it more than just a holiday. Rather, it’s an act of daily care.

Random Acts of Kindness Week, which first began in 1995 with the simple mission of inspiring individuals towards greater kindness, will commence on February 17, 2024,

You can learn more about how you can incorporate random acts of kindness in your life at https://www.randomactsofkindness.org/.

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