10 Real Life Stories that Need to Be Turned into a Movie Today

For years, real stories of real people have been increasingly turned into movies. Everything from Uber’s story that became the production ‘Superpumped’ (Netflix) to WeWork’s story that became ‘WeCrashed’ (Apple TV) has featured A-list actors playing everyday people doing extraordinary things. Crazy stories like ‘Inventing Anna’ (Netflix) or even ‘Bad Surgeon’ (Netflix) have people sucked in, asking how these people did what they did. Whether it’s the murder mysteries, rags to riches, or full transformations featured in ‘Eat, Pray, Love,’ (Netflix) or ‘Wild,’ (Hulu), we want more. There is just something about true stories we love to experience. With that in mind, here are some stories we want to be adapted for screens of any size like now.

  1. Arjan Erkel’s story of while working with Doctors without Borders, being kidnapped and held captive for over 600 days by Muslim terrorists. Get the book here.
  2. Dateline’s On the Hunt for the Zombie Hunter covers 2 brutal murders in the 90s that go cold until one wild partial lead turns into something more in the dawn of the DNA evolution of crime fighting.
  3. Frank Song’s Asian version of Chris Gardener’s story, which became the movie ‘Pursuit of Happyness,’ (Peacock) except, believe it or not, his journey might be even more powerful. It could include the real estate boom of the 2000s, the cast of ‘Crazy Rich Asians,’ (Hulu) and even the Ukraine war.
  4. Melissa Osorio’s story of growing up Venezuelan, her father shot and killed at 16, her journey in the US and the UK, and more that eventually reveals hidden memories unlocking more than she ever could have imagined. Get the book here.
  5. Mas Sajady’s story includes at least 2 near-death experiences, pain to prosperity, world travel, second chances, some big names as clients, and a cult-like following. Learn more about him here.
  6. Dateline’s Case of the Man with No Name highlights the death of a limo driver that leads to multiple false identities and more than a few twists and turns that ultimately ends in a shocking ending that takes place in court that few could see coming.
  7. Jeff Steinberg’s story of being abandoned the day he was born in his 50s with physical deformities and various conditions that left him handicapped. Although left and mostly forgotten by his family, he eventually becomes a Christian singer and symbol of resilience, having a family of his own and a legacy you just might not believe. Get the book here.
  8. Anniece Acker’s story of growing up dumpster diving, living in a car at times, multiple forms of abuse, and pregnancies leading to 2 children as a teenager, both before high school graduation and her eventual rise to financial freedom.
  9. Dateline’s case, called Diabolical, involves cyber revenge that puts a girl behind bars after a messy divorce with a law enforcement officer. It involves not just him but a new woman who ends up living in the girl’s condo. Who’s innocent, how it unravels, and the injustice of it all will leave you shaking your head with anger.
  10. The case of finding Sara Goode, a missing girl, a note, a baby sister blamed, bomb threats, a podcast launched, and more. It’s got conspiracy theories, neighborhood lockdowns, hidden armament, and more.

It is hard not to give away the endings of these, but every single one is worth a watch, played out by the best Hollywood has to offer. Some have murder and mystery, while others have heartbreak and success, but there is even some real comedy that will have you entertained and inspired.

Do you know of a story deserving of a film adaptation? Let us know.

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