The 10-day waiting Period to Purchase Firearms Starts Jan 1st

Washington state is about to join the “waiting period” places with a new 10-day hold on access to newly purchased firearms. These new gun laws come as a result of House Bill 1143, which was first brought to the table earlier this year.

“We’re hoping that the state patrol is prepared and on day one when we roll this thing out, that the background checks will get processed, and the logins will work, and all this stuff is going to roll like it’s supposed to,” said Wade Gaughran, the owner of Wade’s Eastside Guns.

States that have waiting periods include California 10 days, DC 10 days, Florida 3 days or the time it takes to complete required background checks, whichever occurs later, Hawaii 14 days, Illinois 72 hours, Maryland waiting periods only for handguns, Minnesota waiting periods only for handguns and semi-automatic rifles, New Jersey waiting periods only for handguns, and Rhode Island 7 days.

There is still an ongoing debate about whether or not the waiting period reduces violence or to what amount. It would seem the statistics can be used to make several points on both sides of the issue. Still, many search for the answer to reduce public shootings and mass casualties nationwide.

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