Sports Leaving TV

As network TV and cable providers cling to the last remnants of must-see television driven primarily only by sports viewers, we now see the likes of streaming services airing games of all kinds. The deep pockets of Paramount+, Peacock, and Amazon’s Prime network are all in on sports. Once only a dream of these up-and-coming streaming services like Hulu now compete for exclusive sporting content to air.

Sure, some of these streaming services are just CBS turning to their parent company Paramount+ or NBC turning to its alter ego, Peacock streaming platform, but even Amazon’s Prime streaming network, which has never had sports before, is now regularly airing NFL games. Even HBO’s Max is airing NBA games.

Although this seems to be just another step in the move from normal television to streaming content on smart TV, one must ask how much longer cable TV has any significant role or power in the world. With many advertisers asking who even watches television anymore, the answer in the past has been sports lovers, with games bringing in some of the biggest ad dollars that all seem to change even more.

We’re not predicting the end of cable TV in 2024, but it’s interesting to see how many TVs being sold aren’t smart TVs with free offers and streaming services from Apple, Tubi, Freevee, Prime, and more. Even new phones are coming with free starter packages of streaming services or even altogether free access to online networks.

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